The most magical time
of the year is coming ...
Only ?? Days Until Christmas
Santa Claus is busy writing letters to children all over the world
Maybe you could help him?


Letter from Father Christmas - Imagine the smile and excitement on the face of your children when they open the mailbox and find a letter addressed to them from the North Pole
Santa holding a wrapped present
Lots of presents
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Exmplae Letter and Good List Certificate

The Wonderfully Personalised Santa Letter From Santa Claus

Add to the magic and excitement during the lead up to Christmas with a personalised Santa Letter for that little one in your family. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or godparent, in fact any special child that you would like to bring a smile to, with their very own letter from Santa.

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Why does Santa need your help?

As you know Christmas is a very busy time of the year and Santa knows that children are especially good this time of year because they want to be on the nice list!!

This year there are so many good boys and girls, as a result, it’s getting increasingly difficult to write to all the children. Santa tries so hard to send every child a letter, sometimes the odd child can get missed.

Of course, this makes everyone at the North Pole (including Santa Claus) very upset. Therefore, Santa needs your help!!

Let’s make sure that your little one gets their letter because nothing could bring more joy to them than hearing from the big jolly guy himself!

Because of you, Santa won’t forget to write, just send him a few details about your loved one and the letter will be in the post sealed with magic and wonder!!

Your Step By Step Guide ...

1. Fill in a few simple details about your child that will make your Santa Letter appear wonderfully personal to them. Simple details like their name, home town, age, special skills and even what they would like for Christmas to make their Letter simply magical!

2. Choose the wording from one of our four specially crafted templates, which will of course include all your child’s personal details you’ve already supplied. If you have more than one child receiving a letter – choose another wording template, so that each letter will be unique and contain different wording!

3. Now you can preview the letter you’ve created – before you make a payment, see how it will look to your child when they open it for the first time (minus a little sparkly magic elf dust of course!) and make any changes if you have any.