5 Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 09:22:07
5 Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

5 Money Saving Tips for the Holidays


December is nearly here, meaning Santa is busy writing letters and preparing for Christmas eve. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can save money this Christmas. Ending up with mountains of bills in January, is certainly not a fun way to start the year. Take a look at the tips we’ve given and see how you can afford this Christmas.


Santa isn’t the only one making a naughty and nice list. Create a spending limit this Christmas holiday, by doing this it is certain that you will save money while shopping. The best way to carry this out, is to create an organised list with a max spend limit for each person, making sure you can afford the total. Keep this list with you, so that you can refer to it when shopping.


By taking advantage of fantastic deals such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can end up spending well under your budget. A great factor of this is that you can shop online, and avoid all unnecessarily busy town centres.

Pay with cash

Trying to pay for everything with cash is a great way to not blow your budget. By doing this you can see exactly how much you can and cannot spend, whereas with a credit card it is easy to lose track of just how much you are really spending. Don’t forget to save some pennies for Santa’s gift on Christmas Eve!

Shop in advance

After Christmas, prices will steeply drop. So why not start shopping for next Christmas while items are at their cheapest? By doing this you not only save money, but a lot of time during the year.

Be organised

Try to be as organised as Santa this year, because being organised is a great way to save money. You don’t want to be rushing into shops one week before Christmas, as this can lead to overspending! Once you have bought everyone presents, you can relax and plan a great Christmas.



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