5 Signs That Christmas is Coming!

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 09:59:39
5 Signs That Christmas is Coming!

5 Signs That Christmas is Coming!


The COCA-COLA Advert

The magical Christmas Trucks are a true sign that Santa is near! They will be touring the UK again this year and some say that they’ve already hit Covent Garden and other places in London. Sightings of the truck through trees, the sound of the ringing bells, followed by a spectacular chorus of ‘holidays are coming...’ We couldn’t be more excited!

Mince Pies

Although mince pies are often found in a local baker, we all know that we are reminded of Christmas when we see them. We are now close to Christmas, meaning they will be appearing onto the scene shortly. Shops are back to defend their top spot on the leader board for the best mince pies. Also, don’t forget to leave Father Christmas one out on Christmas Eve!

The High-Street’s Getting Busy!

As soon as the leaves start falling from the trees, the Christmas shopping begins. Now the high street is packed with die-hard Christmas shoppers. Many people would prefer to order online, rather than face the apocalyptic state of the high street. Ordering online is a great alternative, ranging from larger gifts to small letters from Santa.

Putting Up Your Christmas Lights

Why wait until Christmas is already here to put your lights up? In fact, some people actually lose interest, the closer is gets to Christmas. So, dig them lights out of storage and put them up for people to see. This also makes your house easier for Father Christmas to see, so be sure to use them!

Christmas Letters from Santa

While in the Christmas spirit you can now order a personalised letter from Santa, perfect for the little one in your family! Choose from a range of ideas and get a magical letter from Father Christmas. Order your Santa Letter on our website now, before the rush!

Why not order a Santa Letter for your loved ones