5 things to look for in an artificial Christmas tree

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:23:53
5 things to look for in an artificial Christmas tree

5 things to look for in an artificial Christmas tree

The correct size

Artificial trees come in any size you want, ranging from table top trees to shopping centre displays. It is always a good idea to measure the space you have to place the Christmas tree, especially the height. Remember, that bigger trees take more room and cost more money (and also fit more presents).

The correct shape

Nowadays, Christmas trees come in all shapes. You can get on that is thick, think or upside-down! When choosing the shape of your tree, make sure to think about matching other decorations in your house.


Some artificial trees come decorated, and some don’t. Some will come with fake snow, pre-decorated lights or decorations. Keep in mind that these pre-decorated trees are much easier to setup, and take down again.


Although this may seem minor, the stand of the Christmas tree can be a big deal. After all, you wouldn’t want your tree to fall after you have neatly put the decorations on! Make sure that the stand is preferably metal and have a dense base.


It is important to research what tree is best for you when you are looking. Another thing to consider is the material that the tree is made from, with the main reason being issues with colour fading, fire resistance and allergies.



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