All I want from Santa is my two personalised letters

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:59:07

How to get a truly personalised letter from Santa. 

I was seven years old and it was Christmas Day. I remember waking excitedly, grabbing my now bulging stocking from the end of the bed and rushing downstairs to sit in front of the towering and twinkling tree, calling to my Mum and Dad as I rushed. There was no time to waste and I delved into my stocking (which was actually more of a polyester sack with a few festive decorations sewn on it) to determine which one of Santa’s presents was the largest – and therefore the best – when my hand brushed across something papery that wasn’t shiny gift-wrapping. A quick prod proved it to be rolled up rather than wrapped up, but what was it doing with my pressies? What did Saint Nick have in store for me? I carefully extracted it from the hoard of parcels and into the colourful, fairy-lantern-enhanced light …

What I was holding in my hand appeared to be a scroll, tied with a ribbon. I’d seen these on the telly and in my picture books and straight away I knew three things:

  • That people had written on scrolls to communicate with each other in olden days.
  • That scrolls were what pirates drew their treasure maps on where ‘x’ marks the spot.
  • That scrolls were what wizards wrote the ingredients for their spells on.


A Magical Correspondence

It was the third of these options that delighted me the most. This was the most magical day of the year and here I was, with a rolled-up piece of paper in my hand that almost certainly contained some special, enchanted words from Father Christmas, just for me. I was not disappointed – at the very top of the letter, in some very fancy lettering, was the title: ‘A letter from Santa’ and directly underneath it was personalised with my own name! It was all true – Santa Claus not only knew who I was but he had taken the time to write to me personally!

As the text unfolded, more and more personal details specifically describing me, my family, my home and the toys that I had asked for were wondrously revealed and in the final paragraph, one word stood out in bold capitals – ‘GOOD’. My heart soared with joy and my face beamed. When I finally tore my wide eyes from the page, I looked up to see my parents, hand in hand, happily watching over me, secretly revelling in my happiness.


The Personal Touch

I still treasure my letter from Santa, and have it somewhere, in a scrapbook, in a box, probably in the loft, but now I’m a parent and I can see things from a slightly different perspective. Now I want to be standing where my parents were, quietly sharing in the sorcery and elation with my own children. I want them to experience the happiness that I was blessed with and enjoy the same fond memories – I’m sure that you’re the same so I’ll let you into a little secret…


Santa’s Surprise Letter

With so many more children to put on his naughty or nice list these days, Father Christmas does occasionally rely on parents giving him a little help via his website. I discovered that the best way to make sure that Santa’s got the personal details of all the good little girls and boys correct is to go online to: where you can customise:

  • The name of your child
  • Their age
  • Where they will be sleeping on Christmas Eve 
  • The main present that they want for Christmas

Of course, Santa already knows these things but he does appreciate being reminded of the smaller details so that he can really personalise his letters especially for each child individually, so I recommend that you also send him a note of:

  • The names of your child’s family members/friends  
  • The names of their pets
  • Any special talents and unique achievements that Santa might like to praise personally


Because Your Child is Special

So don’t delay, go to: right now to help Santa surprise your child with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind letter, addressed, delivered and personalised specially and only for them. You never know – if you’ve been particularly good this year, Santa might just send you one too!

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