Artificial vs Real Christmas Tree

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:30:37
Artificial vs Real Christmas Tree

Artificial vs Real Christmas Tree

As Christmas is approaching, people’s thoughts are turning to buying the best Christmas tree possible. For many, it isn’t Christmas without the perfect tree. Is it best to buy a real or an artificial tree?


Pros of an Artificial Christmas Tree:


Lower Costs

The artificial tree can cost upwards of £40. While real trees are one-time use only, artificial trees can be used several times adding to years with the same tree!

Easy Maintenance and Clean-up

The main reason that real Christmas trees are so good is because of the smell of the pine. However, these pine needles are messy and annoying to clean up! They tend to spread across the floor when setting the tree up and taking it down. Another annoying factor is having to water the tree to stop it drying out quickly, failure to do so will increase the rate of the pine dropping. Of course, artificial trees do not have this issue, actually requiring no additional attention after the tree is set up.


Real trees are amazing; however, you are only buying a bare green tree when you get one. There are a wide range of artificial Christmas trees for sale everywhere! Whether you are looking for a specific colour, shape or size, that tree is available. Also, there is no need to spend time decorating where it is all done for you.


Cons of an Artificial Christmas Tree:


No Pine Smell

A major advantage that real trees have on artificial, is the magnificent pine smell. Although, there are now sprays that you can purchase to bring back that pine smell to your artificial tree.

Artificial Trees Are Flammable

Although real Christmas trees are still flammable, some say that artificial trees are prone to being more of a fire hazard. The good news is that artificial trees are now being made with materials that are less flammable, meaning there is less to worry about the tree catching fire.



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