Choosing the perfect Christmas tree

Posted on: 24-Nov-2017 15:54:40
Choosing the perfect Christmas tree


It is important when deciding where to put your Christmas tree, that you choose a suitable location. Make sure you do not place it next to a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace. Also make sure that it is not blocking any pathways, where people may trip over the wires. Another thing to consider is natural light; by making sure that the tree doesn’t block the light entering your home and can be seen nicely.


When buying a Christmas tree, it is crucial to know how much space you have. Make sure to measure the width and height of the tree, as getting one too big can look messy. Getting a tree too tall can even damage your ceiling

Choose a fresh one

When choosing a Christmas tree, you want to make sure that it’s fresh. You can easily tell by the colour of the leaves and by shaking a branch to see if any needles fall. If you were to buy an older tree, the leaves would fall off more frequently and be more of a mess to clean.


It is important after buying a tree, that you decorate it. Whether you decide to go all out or just add a few lights, remember that you can’t over-decorate a tree!

Water the tree

After purchasing and setting up your Christmas tree, it is important to water it. The first week of keeping the tree is the hardest, as you may need to water it multiple times a day. However, it slowly gets easier as the weeks go on. Make sure to keep a constant eye on the water levels of the tree, to make sure it isn’t getting too dry! 



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