Decorating Your Room for Christmas

Posted on: 26-Nov-2018 09:59:03
Decorating Your Room for Christmas

Christmas is so close now, less than a month! Ohh I wonder what Santa got me. Wait what if my room isn't festive enough? If you're also on the same page as me then tune in because I have several ways to decorate your room, kitchen or living room, I know I'll be decorating the whole house! Some of these can become a family activity so lets get the family together and DECORATE!

Put up your Christmas Tree and Decorate it:

Whoever is the strongest person can put up the tree and while they're doing that therest of you can either choose the colour scheme you want to go for (I went for Red & Gold - Mainly because I have West Ham United baubles that are those colours!) or you can do what my family did when we were all little, sit around a table and make paper chains to put around your tree! It's so much fun to do believe me I loved it. This year I've got a 7ft tree wrapped in gold tinsel and all around it has red and gold baubles and icicle ornanments! Couldn't look much more festive than that right? And imagine your tree, all decorated and lit up and when Santa has the presents imagine Christmas Day, it'll be so magical.

If you've already put up your tree then it's time to get bigger! - Hanging tinsel or hanging decorations to the ceiling:

This will be hard if you're short like me, however you can ask for help, get a step ladder or hang tinsel on lower areas of your room. Our room has a fireplace (It's so cosy and adds to the Christmassy feel) so I'll be hanging red tinsel above the fireplace (IT'S ELETRIC DON'T PANIC!) and we have LED Snowmen candles to light up, adding to the Christmassy touch. Santa is sure to give double presents with a beautiful room like this right? If you want to add to the decorating then...

Add Fake presents - Or Real Ones!

You've done everything above yet something still feels empty, THE TREE! It looks stunning, however there's nothing beside or underneath the tree. If you have fake decorative presents then place them beside your tree and believe me the tree will look ten times better. Or if you're early like me and have already done a lot of the shopping and wrapping then place those gifts under the tree and again you'll feel magical and you could see if the rest of the family could add to the stash, then lastly place your Christmas Eve Box by the tree but make it more visible to the eye.

These were simple ways to decorate your room to make you feel a little more festive inside and feel warmth. I'm excited for Christmas Day! I bet you all are too, shopping around for loved ones, decorating, excuse to eat mince pies and so much more. I'm going to be doing some Christmas baking, I bet the treats will be yummy! Goodbye. And Merry Christmas!

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