DIY Scented Christmas Candles

Posted on: 09-Nov-2018 15:18:53
DIY Scented Christmas Candles

These are fun to make and will make everyone at home feel warm inside and Christmassy so it’s time to get into the Christmas hats, jumpers and socks and get making! You’ll need the follows:

  • Soya Wax Flakes 1kg - £9 From Hobbycraft
  • Christmas Candle Making Dye 3g 3 Pack - £4.50 From Hobbycraft
  • Christmas Candle Fragrance Oils 13ml 4 Pack - £8 From Hobbycraft
  • Pre-Waxed Wick Assemblies for Soya Wax 9 Pack - £2.50 From Hobbycraft
  • Votive Candle Making Moulds 6 Pack - £5 From Hobbycraft (You can use what shape you want)
  • Natural Wooden Craft Sticks 50 Pack - £1 From Hobbycraft
  • Make sure you have a Wax kettle, these can be brought online
  • Ladle
  • Spoon or something to stir with
  • Scales
  • Double Sided tape
  • Thermometer

So how do you make a candle? And what can I do with them if I have too many?

These are the instructions for making the candles:

  • Step One - Weigh out the wax for your container. You will need as much in grams as your container fits in ml for example 400g for a 400ml container.
  • Step Two - Get your Wax kettle or Bain-Marie and start to melt your wax
  • Step Three - You will need to use a wick with a sustainer, and use a small amount of double sided tape to stick the bottom of the sustainer to the bottom of the inside of the container.
  • Step Four - Trim the wick to the appropriate size 
  • Step Five - Using a lollipop stick, hold your wick in place across the top of the container.
  • Step Six - Now weigh your dye if you want to add colour to your candles. You will need approximately 1g of dye per 500g of wax.
  • Step Seven - When the wax is all melted and has reached 140 degrees fahrenheit, measure out the wax needed for your mould using a ladle and a measuring jug. Stir in your dye.
  • Step Eight - Stir in your fragrance at this point. You will need between 5-8ml of fragrance per 100 grams of wax.
  • Step Nine - Pour the wax into your mould. Leave to set for about 4 hours.
  • Step Ten - Take out of the mould and place candle in the container.

And to answer your question about if there's too many candles or you don't want the amount you made. There are simple solutions that I have to help you. 

Firstly you can place it in a Christmas bag or box, wrap it up and gift it to someone who loves Christmas and candles, it'll make them smile receiving such a thoughtful present and you're discharging the candle that you didn't want or need. Secondly you can actually store them up in a room or box and save them for next Christmas or lastly use them all year round, may look silly smelling of gingerbread in the middle of July but if you love Christmas then it's perfect or even if you just love the smell of gingerbread and who's to judge? Hope you had fun making these candles and smelling all the scents of Christmas.

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