Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 1 Answers)

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:48:51
Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 1 Answers)

Would I Lie to You? Family Christmas Party Quiz

5 amazing facts about Rudolph that you never knew!

ANSWERS (Click here for the questions)


  1. LIE – Male reindeer are called bulls, females are called cows and babies are called calves.
  2. LIE – Both male and female reindeer grow antlers. 
  3. TRUE – Antlers grow rapidly for two to four months. Males lose their antlers in winter or spring, but females shed theirs later in the summer. The process causes the deer no discomfort but can happen quickly – antlers that are firmly attached one day can weaken and drop off within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. TRUE – Antlers are a great source of calcium and minerals. Yum!
  5. TRUE – Viking chief Ottar is recorded as having six decoy reindeer he used to catch wild reindeer. The rest were likely used either as pack animals or to pull sledges.
  6. LIE – Will’s thoughts on reindeer are unclear, however, his impact on our language is less so and it is heart-warming to consider that he could well have influenced the beautifully poetic and immortal line, ‘There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!’
  7. Other forms of the name include: Rudolf, Rodolf, Roelof, Ruud, Rodolphe, Raoul, Rudi, Rudolp, Rhodólphos, Rhálles, Rudolphus, R?dolfs and Rodolfo.
  8. LIE – The collective noun for a group of reindeers is ‘a herd’.
  9. TRUE – Every Christmas the Montgomery Ward department store bought in colouring books to give away to shoppers as a promotional gimmick. In order to save money, they asked one of their copywriters – 34-year-old Robert L. May – to create a Christmas story the store could give away to shoppers as a promotional gimmick. In the first year of publication, 2.4 million copies of Rudolph’s story were distributed by Montgomery Ward, making Rudolph the newest and most iconic reindeer in Santa’s stable – literally, an overnight sensation!
  10. LIE – Although we have been unable to confirm this directly.

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