Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 1 Questions)

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:45:43
Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 1 Questions)

Would I Lie to You? Family Christmas Party Quiz

5 amazing facts about Rudolph that you never knew!

The following text contains 5 true facts about reindeer and 5 lies. See if you can separate the facts from the fiction. Players score 1 point for each correct answer but lose a point if they mistake a lie for a fact.


  1. Male reindeers are called grunters. Female reindeers are called growlers. Baby reindeers are called yoo-hoos.
  2. Only male reindeers have antlers, female antlers are actually called sappers as they secrete a pungent but sweet, milk-like sap to attract the males.
  3. Reindeers’ antlers are deciduous – i.e. they drop off and regrow every year.
  4. You don’t see piles of shed reindeer antlers in the wild as they are quickly eaten up by rodents and other animals.
  5. Reindeer are believed by many to be the first domesticated animals, with a written reference to herding described in a 9th-century letter from Norway’s King Ottar to Alfred the Great mentioning his fine herd of over 600 reindeer.
  6. During William Shakespeare’s lifetime, every one of his live stage plays featured a man wearing a reindeer’s head and antlers. Although not always written in the script, after appearing as the ‘Knocker’ character in the first performance of ‘The Gump’ the costume was cost-effectively reused, often in the background, until it became something of a superstitious obligation. Although the reindeer head has now deteriorated, the antlers remain on display at the British Museum.
  7. Rudolph is German for ‘famous wolf’.
  8. The collective noun for a group of reindeers is ‘a gift’.
  9. Rudolph first appeared in the Montgomery Ward department store in 1939. Robert L. May chronicled the fact by penning the children’s book, ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, especially for the store to give away.
  10. Welsh singer Charlotte Church has a 4-inch scar on her bottom where she was butted by a reindeer while hosting a festive charity event for BBC Children in Need. She says it resembles a upside-down bass clef.


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