Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 2 Answers)

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:51:47
Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 2 Answers)

Would I Lie to You? Family Christmas Party Quiz Part 2 

5 amazing facts about Rudolph that you never knew!

ANSWERS (Click here for the questions)


  1. TRUE – Adult reindeer can run at speeds of 40–50mph.
  2. LIE.
  3. TRUE – The sounds may be audible from ten meters away and allow the herd to stay together.
  4. LIE – But he did have a collection of Marxist busts.
  5. TRUE – A study at the University of Tromsø has confirmed that ‘Arctic reindeer eyes change in colour through the seasons from gold through to blue to help them better detect predators’.
  6. TRUE – The shark was a Greenland shark. Both parties were most likely travelling beyond their usual habitats – the reindeer scavenging, the shark migrating. which was most likely migrating. Greenland sharks’ stomachs have also been found containing the remains of seals, polar bears, horses and moose.
  7. LIE.
  8. TRUE –  This was due to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.
  9. LIE – Golden eagles are the most prolific hunter of reindeer on calving grounds.
  10. LIE – They can’t get the wrappers off.

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