Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 2 Questions)

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:50:52
Family Christmas Party Quiz (Part 2 Questions)

Would I Lie to You? Family Christmas Party Quiz Part 2

5 amazing facts about Rudolph that you never knew!

The following text contains 5 true facts about reindeer and 5 lies. See if you can separate the facts from the fiction. Players score 1 point for each correct answer but lose a point if they mistake a lie for a fact.


  1. A one-day-old North American reindeer can outrun an Olympic sprinter.
  2. A man from Ohio was so obsessed with Santa that he stitched himself into a full reindeer skin (including head and antlers) and waited, sat astride the pitched roof of his house for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve. After an hour, he fell asleep and slid down the roof. Luckily, his antlers got caught on the myriad strings of fairy lights adorning the fascia and he was left hanging from the second floor until he was discovered and rescued the next morning.
  3. Some reindeers’ knees make a clicking noise when they walk so that other reindeer can hear where they are in a blizzard.
  4. After filming the movie ‘Jingle All The Way’, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a collection of 57 rare-breed reindeer. He kept them for just 3 days before announcing, ‘I’ll be giving them back’.
  5. Some reindeer have colour-changing eyes.
  6. A shark was once discovered to have the entire body of a reindeer inside it’s stomach.
  7. Reindeer can sleep so soundly that they won’t wake even if you poke them with a stick.
  8. In 2001, Harrods store in London replaced Santa’s reindeer and sleigh with a horse and cart.
  9. Reindeer calves team up to chase golden eagles for fun.
  10. Reindeers eat penguins.


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