Gift Ideas Affordable for anyone!

Posted on: 14-Nov-2018 15:06:48
Gift Ideas Affordable for anyone!

So have you been saving for Christmas presents for family and friends or have you had so much on your plate you completely forgot? For those who have forgotten don’t panic, I got you covered! These presents are affordable and thoughtful!

Gift No. 1:

Have you got a little sister, cousin or little girl of your own? This gift will be perfect can last her for whenever it’s cold, these luxury bootees in both pink and grey. I’m sure she’ll love them! You can buy these at B&M Bargains for £5.99.

Gift No. 2:

This present is perfect for every male in your life who is 15 years old or older. This is actually very popular and you can buy this in any perfume shop, however they charge ridiculous prices for this product. This is the Davidoff Cool Water aftershave at B&M Bargains for £14.99!

Gift No. 3:

These can vary depending on who you’re purchasing for but at The Works they currently have an offer, 2 for £10 gifts! If you’re buying a present for that special lady of yours then I’d suggest the Hot Stone Massage Kit so she can have time to herself and relax, however you can also get her the Mindfulness and Meditation Box Set to firstly make the offer valid and secondly to bring peace into her life.


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