Traditional Christmas Symbols

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 09:45:57
Traditional Christmas Symbols

Traditional Christmas Symbols



Many of us associate mistletoe with Christmas, although it is really just a plant that grows on trees. It can grow on various different trees with a common one being Willow. Nowadays, Mistletoe is commonly known to be hung in homes across the world at Christmastime. This act supposedly kept bad spirits from the house and brought good luck.


A Christmas stocking is a sock-shaped sack, commonly known as a place for Santa Claus to leave presents. A stocking is capable of fitting small gifts and letters from Santa. There are no explanations as to how the Christmas stocking originated, although there are some conspiracies!

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are now used in the majority of homes in the UK, as a way to feel festive, but have you ever wondered how Christmas trees came about? Christmas trees are grown all over the world, growing over 60 million in Europe each year! The modern Christmas tree was developed in Germany, in the 16th Century. The Christmas tree was bought to the UK a while after it was developed, when Queen Victoria noticed it. 

Candy Cane

The Candy Cane originated in Germany hundreds of years ago. It is associated with Christmas and is originally red and white. Now, Candy Canes are often hung in houses and on Christmas trees in December.


Holly is associated with Christmas and used in homes as a way to feel festive. The thorns represent the crown that Jesus wore when he was crucified, and the red berries represent the blood of Jesus as he was crucified.



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