Unique Advent Calendars

Posted on: 14-Nov-2018 10:37:11
Unique Advent Calendars

Are you bored of basic expensive advent calendars? So am I! I love Christmas and the countdown is always fun but it seems advent calendars go up in price every year and get dull each year. I have two amazing ideas that will be fun to make, fill and use time and time again! I've got my big Christmas jumper on and my Elf socks, let's get making!

Colourful Advent Tree Calendar

This is costly to make but overtime it'll save money, trust me, this can last for years on end, you can decorate it however you want and it is just so easy to do! You'll need the following:

  • Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
  • Acrylic Paint – Colours of your choice
  • Paint Brushes
  • Wooden Numbers
  • Tacky Glue

First you need to remove all the drawers out of the tree, so you can paint the drawers and the tree. I would actually paint the tree first due to the fact it’s a larger item and will most likely take longer to dry. Paint the tree however you like.

Whilst your tree is drying get all of your little drawers and get your paints and brushes, paint them all however you like with whatever design you want. Again, while waiting for them to dry if needed paint a second coat on the tree or if not needed then get your wooden numbers and paint them too, I would recommend either black or white, so you can clearly see the numbers.

After painting your numbers put your drawers inside the tree and then get tacky glue and stick the numbers on the drawers, it’s completely up to you where you put them but I did mine in order and started at the bottom so the last one (24th) was at the top.

You’re done with your advent tree that will last for many years from now and all you will need to do is fill the calendar each year. This could be personalised chocolates all wrapped up, change such as 50p or £1 to teach them to save up, small toys, homemade vouchers, you can get as creative as you want with filling the tree, you could even do a mix, that's what I'm going to be doing, I'm making chocolates, getting change and small toys so it's random as to what they'll get which makes it 10 times more fun!

Christmas Train Advent Calendar

Again this will last for years on end and can even be a hand-me-down calendar depending on how well looked after it is. I was always receiving hand-me-downs and I know I'd love this! This can also be used as decoration for a festive feeling indoors. You will need the following items:

  • Wooden Train Advent Calendar 55.5cm
  • Pebeo Brick Red Matt Acrylic Paint 59ml
  • Pebeo White Matt Acrylic Paint 59ml
  • Pebeo Dark Green Matt Acrylic Paint 59ml
  • Golden Taklon Brush Set 10 Pack
  • Tacky Glue 60ml
  • Winter Woodland Natural Wooden Numbers 90 Pack

First you should take out our your little “carriages” (drawers) and paint them in red and whilst waiting for them to completely dry paint the train and the santa carefully using smaller brushes since you want Santa to actually look like Santa and using the white paint, paint santa's hands, the tip of his hat and the rim of his hat. Please paint the train you want to.

With the drawers paint them in the colours either red, green or white, I’d recommend either green or red. Then using the tacky glue, stick your wooden numbers to the surfaces on your “carriages” and leave to dry. To add to the personalisation you could add the person’s name on the train so it’s specifically theirs.

Once it’s all dried put the carriages in any order, I would mix it up to still create that joy and achievement when you found the right number. This can actually also be a present to a son, daughter, cousin, grand daugter or grandson etc, it saves their money, it can be personalised, and it's lovely to look at! Anyone would love it!

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