Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas!

Posted on: 14-Nov-2018 12:07:53
Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas!

I've got lots of fun and creative ways to wrap up your Christmas, these are fun, super easy and adorable! I've got my crafty hands and presents, I think it's time to bring my ideas to life! 

Reindeer Wrapping or Goodie Bag

This is a strange one, gift bags are beautiful but isn't it just fun to make Rudolph bags? And what's best of all? It can be used for both goodie bags or gift wrap! You'll need the following:

  • Brown Paper Bag
  • White, Black, Dark Brown and Red paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Tissue Paper colour of your choice
  • Brown Pipecleaners

How to create the gift bag

  • Place your brown bag down onto the table
  • Cut one large oval on the brown paper, one red oval just smaller than the brown oval (This is the nose of Rudolph) and glue the red oval on top of the brown oval place the red oval just above the centre of the brown oval.
  • Glue his “Nose” onto the paper bag – preferably in the middle of the bag or a few centimeters below the middle of the bag.
  • While waiting for the glue to completely dry get your black and white paper and cute medium to small circles. Make sure the white circles are maximum double the size of the black as the black circles are his pupils. Glue the black circles onto the medium sized white circles. Make sure to cut a PAIR of eyes not just one eye.
  • Glue the eyes just above his nose and wait to dry
  • While waiting to dry get two pipe cleaners and keep bending and twisting until you’re happy they look like antlers
  • Once glue is dried get your antlers and place inside the bag, get your double-sided tape, hold where you want to stick your antlers, I’d recommend about half way in the bag and stick the tape onto the antlers and check that the antlers are securely in the bag and won’t fall out or rip the bag. DO THIS AGAIN WITH THE OTHER ANTLER
  • You have the look but to look more stylish add tissue paper, place the tissue paper inside the bag
  • Final step – Fill your Reindeer bag with the goodies you brought the person

Kiddie Friendly Wrapping

This wrapping will appeal to any child in your life, it’s so easy to create, the sky is the limit and what's better? You can get your young ones involved and use the gift wrap for your parents, grand parents, the children themselves or just really for anyone and it'll create beautiful memories. You will need the following:

  • Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper 70cm x 8m - £3 in Hobbycraft
  • Three or Four (Or however many colours you want to use) different colour paints
  • Brushes
  • Glass of water
  • Sellotape or Glue
  • Big Plate
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Tag
  • Sticky Bow (if you can't tie a bow)

How to create the look

  • Wrap the present as you normally would using sellotape and making sure it is secure, if you wish to wrap again with glue to hide the sellotape.
  • Squirt your colours on the plate, get your glass of water and brushes, if you want you can personalise it by using you and your kids finger prints to decorate the wrapping and add a memory with them and get crazy with the painting.
  • Once done the painting wait for it to dry, shouldbn't take too long if you lightly dab the paint on the wrapping but be certain it has dried before you continue with the next step.
  • Get your ribbon and wrap it around the gift as you normally would and tie it off with a bow or jyst wrap it and tie a knot or two to hold secure.
  • Get yor gift tag and write it out, stick it or tie on the ribbon or stick it on the knot with the sticky bow depending on what you are capable off. AND you're done!

What's the best thing about this gift wrap? You can actually do this any time of year depending on what colours you want to use!

Vintage Wrapping

This will impress those difficult to please with how beautiful it looks and its easy to make, also you can use whatever coloured ribbon you please. You'll need the following items:

  • Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper
  • White lace Trim
  • Blue (Or what colour you want to use) slightly smaller ribbon
  • Glue or Sellotape 
  • Gift Tag

How to make the vintage style

  • Firstly wrap the gift as you normally would and if you wish do this again but with glue so there's no tape being shown, make sure it's secure
  • Cut your white lace trim horizontal so you can glue the trim horizontal on the gift, make sure the trim is secure
  • get your ribbon and as the same way to the lace, tie it off with a bow. Both the lace and ribbon sould go around just once or very small overlay as it can ruin it but make sure both the lace and ribbon are horizontal (Sideways)
  • Get your gift tag, wtite it out and with either glue, double sided tape, sellotape or simply tying it onto the ribbon, get it onto the present and once again make sure it's secure on the present. 

This is so easy and always turns out beautiful, you can personalise this to the person you're giving this to by the colour of the ribbon, just about any colour will go with white lace and it looks sophisticated.

Starry Night Sky Wrap

This is a very different wrapping, making black, such a dismal colour festive? Yes Please! I love black, it's my favourite colour and it'll go with anything. Time to create what I'll most likely be using to wrap my presents with, you're going to need the following:

  • Clairefontaine Coloured Kraft Roll, 10 x 0.70 m, Black (Look on Amazon as it's difficult to find, I found this here
  • Gold Sharpie or silver sharpie or even both - I would recommend the one colour as this looks better with the one colour
  • Twine
  • Gift Tag
  • Glue or Double Sided Tape

Creating the Night Sky

  • Firstly wrap your present as you normally would and if you wish, do it again with glue second time around to hide the tape, make sure the present is secure and wrapped up properly
  • Once wrapped get your gold or silver sharpie and start drawing stars all around, doing various sizes but usually small 
  • When done get your twine and tie it off so the gift looks like its split off into quarters, you can choose to tie it off with a double knot or bow, I would do a bow for that extra festiveness but before that write your gift tag and thread it into the twine or simply stick your gift tag after you've tied off your twine.

I hope these fun and creative ways to wrap your presents and goodie bags have inspired you to create your own gift wrapping, like maybe make a Grinch gift wrap! I might try that out actually, sounds so fun and different! Well I'm all done wrapping my presents for people it's time for me to put them under the tree, open up my Christmas Eve box, put on my onesie, light up the candles, grab my partner and watch Home Alone then The Grinch with hot chocolate in my hands. 










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