What are The Best Christmas Songs To make anyone Feel Good?

Posted on: 26-Nov-2018 10:38:17
What are The Best Christmas Songs To make anyone Feel Good?

No. 1 - Last Christmas 

This song is legendary, it will always be played on the radio every year! Up beat backing track and all around up beat, even if the lyrics aren't the happiest the beat of this song gets everyone singing it and feeling happy. I have to listen to it every year!

No. 2 - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 

The song itself literally tells you...It IS the most wonderful time of the year, it's a sense of love, warmth, excitement, joy and being around those who love you the most. This might not be as popular with younger members of public but it certainly deserves a mention on my list, this song gets oldies off their feet and dancing, younger ones seeing how happy their family is and again previously said but IT LITERALLY TELLS YOU IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

No. 3 - All I Want For Christmas Is You 

This is an all time classic, I have it on every single year and it never ever fails to add joy and excitement. Even when I was younger I had a "Christmas Girl Band" Where at our Scouts we'd all sing this at karaoke! I can't wait to sing this to my partner again and wind them up! It's such a fun song and every person ever knows this song. Just like Last Christmas this will also be an iconic song but not as iconic as Last Christmas.

No. 4 - Silent Night

This may not be up beat or uplifting but it's on my list for a reason, it is always sung around Christmas time, it's gentle and soft, besides who said all good Christmas songs have to have a fast pacing backing track or loud. I love this song because it can easily send people to sleep, the lyrics are soft and calm, for example "Silent night, holy night, all is calm and all is bright" Or even these lyrics "Sleep in heavenly peace" if you have very little ones and struggle to get them to sleep then put this song on or sing it and in no time they'll be asleep.

No. 5 Jingle Bells

This is an all time Primary School classic for Christmas time, adds spirit, joy and fun for the little ones to sing, the lyrics are just so easy and fun even now I love to sing this song and it's been years since I went to Primary School. This is a song everyone learns at some point whether they wanted to or not. It just had to be mentioned on my list.



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