What happens to Christmas trees after they are used?

Posted on: 28-Nov-2017 10:14:39
What happens to Christmas trees after they are used?

What happens to Christmas trees after they are used?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your Christmas tree once you throw it out? The Carbon Trust figured that decomposed trees produce bad gases into the atmosphere, so here are some other things that they are used for.


The vast majority of Christmas trees are fed into a wood chipper, and then made into Mulch. Mulch is added to soil to improve the health and quality, as well as to conserve soil moisture.

Underwater Residence

Countless amounts of Christmas trees are placed at the bottom of lakes and rivers. This is great, as it means fish can have a place to gather. These Christmas trees are normally tied down with heavy material or chains to stop them from floating to the top.

Beach Groynes

Disposed Christmas trees are used along many beaches and protect the coastline. These interrupt water flow and stop longshore drift. By using the Christmas trees in this way, it is better than getting piled on top of more landfill.

Artificial trees are also a great way to save throwing away a Christmas tree every year, as you can just put it into storage and get it out next year. Read our article on Real vs Artificial Trees for more. 


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